How long is the tour?

The entire tour is approximately 3 hours. If the beach tour is your tour of choice this includes 2 hours spent at Frigate Bay Beach.

Where do I join?

The tour starts at the Port Zante Cruise Pier. The exact location is indicated on the pier by signs including the logo and name Rolling Fun.

What are the height and age restrictions?

There are no height or age restrictions. 

Can I bring my own drinks?

Drinks on the tour are unlimited but you are welcome to bring your own drinks if you would like.  

How fast does the bike move?

At top speed, the bike can move at approximately 5mph.

What is the minimum size group that is allowed?

The bikes require a minimum of 4 passengers for Premium packages and 6 passengers for Basic packages and can operate with a maximum of 15 passengers. 

What is included in my purchase price?

The purchase price includes unlimited drinks in your category as well as the tour.

Do I have to pedal?

Although pedalling adds to the enjoyment and ease of transportation for the tour, persons unable or unwilling to pedal are still welcome. There is a bench at the back specifically designed for these persons and they may also sit at the sides if necessary. 

Is there music on board?

Yes, there are complimentary tunes for your listening pleasure. Nevertheless, you are welcome to bring your phone to connect and play as long as the other guests do not mind.

Are kids allowed?

Kids of all ages are accepted and welcome on the tour as we do provide non-alcoholic beverages. Must be 18 or older to drink alcoholic beverages on tour.

Will my tour be posted on Rolling Fun's social media?

We love capturing fun moments, however if you would 

not like to be recorded please let your tour guide know.

What if it rains?

Rolling Fun operates in rain or sunshine! However, in case of rain we suggest the use of rain coats or jackets. In the event of extreme weather, tours will be cancelled and refunds will be issued.

Can I provide a custom route?

Unfortunately, you can only provide a custom route on a private tour. Private tours may be booked through the contact section. Private tours are $500 USD and include all of the perks of regular tours with room for customization as it refers to time, route, music, etc.

What is your cancellation policy?

Once paid for, tours are non-refundable. In special cases, patrons may be allowed to defer or cancel purchases. Please contact for more information.

Do you provide hotel pickups?

Unfortunately, we do not provide hotel pickups but can assist in contacting taxi operators on the island.

Where do I pay?

All tours should be prepaid through the booking section of this website. Patrons may also pay in person however risk the chance of being unable to ride due to excess demand. Persons with prepaid booking will be given first preference